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For nearly 60 years , JMF has been a leader in the rough plumbing industry, offering over 12,000 parts from 18 separate product categories. Our high fill rates and fast delivery sets the standard by which you judge others. In order to provide our customers with the products they need, when they need them, we are happy to announce the opening of our new expanded line set manufacturing facility in East Moline, Illinois. The move doubled our capacity allowing for more space and manufacturing equipment. Our unique, flexible manufacturing facility allows us to produce a full line of plain-end, duct-less, suction, and fully assembled line sets that are among the highest quality in the industry. You can expect JMF line sets to be readily available and competitively priced, regardless of the "season". So, whether you are an HVAC wholesaler, plumbing supplier or OEM; whether your needs are truckloads or a few master cartons, you can look to JMF for the same great products and service for which we are famous.

lead times

JMF offers the shortest lead times in the Industry. The move to our new manufacturing facility allows us to guarantee a delivery time of 2-3 weeks always. There will be no urgent need for preseason programs or for overstocking inventory for fear of product availability. This is especially helpful in times where future price reductions are likely.


Plain End - 510 standard combinations of plain end line sets that differ by liquid line size, suction line size, insulation thickness and length. Plain end line sets are offered with straight ends or 90 degree bend on one end of the suction line.

Duct-Less(Mini-Splits) - 72 standard combinations of line sets that differ by liquid line size, suction line size and length with a standard insulation thickness of 3/8". Duct-less line sets are offered with both the liquid and suction lines insulated, flare nuts on all ends and with straight ends.

Insulated Copper Tube – 20 standard combinations of insulated suction lines that differ by line size and insulation thickness in a standard length of 50 feet. Suction lines are offered with straight ends or 90 degree bend on one end of the suction line.

Fully Assembled and Custom – 510 standard combinations of fully assembled line sets. Line sets produced to end users specifications including non-standard tubing lengths. As an option, our line sets can be ordered fully assembled with the suction line, liquid line, and thermostat wire connected as a one piece unit. JMF is the only major manufacturer that offers this labor saving solution to field installation.

Fully Assembled Duct-less Mini-Splits with Power Cord – JMF offers fully assembled duct-less mini-split line sets with the SO Power cord attached and 6 extra feet of wire at each end.

HanKlip – JMF is proud to introduce the HanKlip, which is designed to secure the suction line, liquid line and thermostat wire. The HanKlip is made with a UV resistant polypropylene which stand up in all weather conditions.

JMF is the exclusive source for this patented device that replaces, duct tape, zip ties, and mounting clips. The HanKlip currently accommodates suction lines of 3/4" and 7/8" with 3/8" or 1/2" insulation.

The HanKlip is offered in packs of 10 and 25. 
For special HanKlip pricing call your JMF representative today.


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Updated: (01/14/13)
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Updated: (01/14/13)
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