JMF Company - About Us

Founded in 1947, JMF Company has grown to be a leader in the U.S. rough plumbing and HVAC wholesale supply industry, offering over 12,000 parts from 18 separate product categories. 

Major product categories include line sets, copper tube, copper fittings, copper press fittings, valves, brass and malleable fittings and PEX fittings. JMF’s global-sourcing capabilities have been developed over decades, providing customers with the best products in the market from the world's best manufacturers. 

In recent years, JMF has also emerged to become the market leader in the manufacturing and supply of HVAC line sets, offering more sizes and configurations than anyone else in the U.S. The company has a reputation for exceptionally high-fill rates and responsiveness to customer needs, strengthening the JMF brand as “Your Single Source solution”.

Our Mission


exceptional value to our loyal customers and prospects by consistently offering a compelling "JMF Value Proposition."


your ordering process and become your “consolidating” vendor of choice for multiple product categories.


customer driven solutions that demonstrate how JMF delivers a Compelling Value Proposition.

JMF Benefits

Superior Products and Certifications
Expansive Product Selection
Best in Industry Customer Service Performance
Customer Driven Pricing and Programs
Personalized Sales Approach